Associate Attorney
Tinashe madondo lawyer at BC law chambers

Tinashe Luke Madondo

Bachelor of laws Hons( LLB) – University of London

Luke holds a bachelor of laws (LLB) from the University of London. He has 6 years post graduate experience working in multi-faceted legal environments and is leading the charge in developing the digital law firm of tomorrow. He has a wealth of experience in drafting and reviewing paperwork for a wide range of legal scenarios including drafting franchise and merger documents for multinational corporations. He has a grassroots appreciation for small businesses and their incubation spurred by his own forays into business. 

Luke is also deeply passionate about children’s law matters especially applications for guardianship, access and custody.Outside of the practice of law Luke is an avid social media content creator with a passion for demystifying the law and making it accessible to everyday people.