Associate Attorney

Loice Munjere

Bachelor of laws Hons( LLB)

Ms Mujere is a holder of an LLBS degree from the University of Zimbabwe. She was registered as a legal practitioner conveyancer and notary public in 2009 and has been in practicing as such for over 8 years. She has also worked for the judicial service commission as a magistrate. She has thus amassed valuable experience both as a practising lawyer and on the bench and is an accomplished communicator. As a legal practitioner, she has performed and perfected her skills in the areas of litigation , (commercial, family, labour, civil and criminal)., advocacy and arbitration. She is passionate about commercial law and to further sharpen her skills in that regard she is undertaking a course in CIS and currently in part C. From her vast experience both in public and private sector, she has developed managerial , leadership and administrative skills. She is self-motivated, discplined and professional in her approach to work. She is also currently studying a master’s degree in corporate law with the University of South Africa